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Do you have a tree stump in your yard that is damaging the look of your garden? Has your tree stump become a trip hazard for your kids? If you are facing all these issues, the best solution would be to take up the stump removal route.  The team at Len McKeown Tree Services specialize in stump removal for all kinds of trees. For a competitively priced, fast and high-quality service, get a quote for the service you want to avail, today!

What is Tree Stump Removal?

After a tree has been removed, what remains behind is its stump. The stump is not easy to remove as its roots are anchored to the soil. Therefore, to remove the stump and uproot it completely, specific tools are required which is available with professional firms. With this equipment, they take out the tree stump from the ground and clears the area.

When Tree Stump Removal in Melbourne is Really Necessary

If you have a tree stump in your yard and cannot decide whether to remove it or keep it, then we have the answer for you. It is always better to remove a tree stump. Though it will not cause any issue in the beginning, the more you wait for the more it will cause a nuisance. It not only takes up a lot of space in your garden but also attracts pests which can infect other plants in your garden. You can put an end to any of these issues by hiring professional help from Len McKeown Tree Services and get hassle-free stump and tree removal services in Melbourne East.

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Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

If you are still unable to decide what to do with the tree stump in your garden, then we bring you the top benefits that you will enjoy when you remove it:

Major Trip Hazard: 

If you have kids and pets then keeping a tree stump is out of the question. There have been several trip hazard caused by tree stump where kids and pet have tripped on the stump and injured themselves. It is best to get such an element removed that can pose danger to the little ones in your family.

Attracts Insects and Disease:

Keep a tree stump sitting in your garden for a long period and it will start decaying. Overtime the stump will start rotting and become a hub for dangerous insects, termites and pest. This can spread diseases and infections to human beings as well.

Roots Can Cause Damage:

Far-reaching root of a tree stump is strong enough to cause damage to sewage pipeline and property walls. The roots can crack through the walls and burst pipes, which can be very dangerous.

Restricts Gardening:

With a tree stump in your garden, mowing and cleaning your gardening can be very difficult. In addition to this, your mower can get damaged if it rolls over any of the roots or stump of the tree.

Len McKeown Tree Services is an expert in tree stump removal and with our industry level equipment, we ensure our customers get impeccable result and 100% satisfaction.

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