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Is your Elm tree pest-infested? Elm trees are usually attacked by leaf beetle who slowly and gradually eats away the leaves and chews holes into them making them look lacy and dry. If this issue is not attended immediately, these beetle have the capacity of defoliating a full-grown elm tree. Therefore, if you are facing a similar issue then Len McKeown Tree Services is right here to help you out with all the requirement. We offer elm leaves beetle control services with the usage of top-notch pest controls equipment and technique to ensure eradication of pests once and for all.

Elm trees are dense trees with huge canopy. It not only adds to the aesthetic of the property but also creates a beautiful and peaceful ambience with its greenery. Therefore when a situation of infestation beetles come up it should be taken very seriously.

Why the need for Elm Leaves Beetle Control?

Leaf beetles are regular pests that feed on plants and trees. These larvae like insects chew the underside of the leaves of the Elm tree and skeletonize the surface. They eventually move on to the branches of the tree and weakens them. This causes the leaves and branches of the trees to fall off the tree prematurely. These insects are not just restricted to plant. During autumn they move in buildings and houses to seek shelter from the upcoming winters. They work their way behind the walls and corners of the ceiling. Though these insects do not damage anything inside the house their presence can cause a lot of disturbance. If your tree is infested with leaf beetle then it is best to avail elm leaf beetle control services.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Pest infestation is a serious issue and requires immediate action for controlling the situation. While many individuals might take it on themselves to put an end to this pest issue but it is always best to let a professional handle it. Len McKeown Tree Services offer elm leaf beetle control services wherein our team of professionals takes a close look of the tree to determine the extent of the infestation and accordingly we use our equipment and special pesticides to drive them off the tree. While this whole process might seem easy to do, in reality, it is not. Following are the top 3 advantages of hiring a professional:

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Experienced Team:

 Professional pest control firms have a team of an experienced individual who has a wide knowledge of the type of pest and the different procedures one might use to eradicate them.

Availability of Proper Equipment: 

Usually people are not aware of the right pesticide for a particular tree and therefore end up damaging the tree. Firms such as Len McKeown Tree Services have all kinds of equipment and pesticides for elm leaf beetle control.

Assessment Of Tree: 

Professional technicians are capable of assessing the condition of the tree in a proper way which amateurs cannot.

There are several other advantages to hiring professionals. You can get a quote today and avail our pest control services.

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