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Len McKeown Tree Services Melbourne provides complete tree and stump removal services such as large tree removals, difficult access tree removal, dangerous or sick tree removals and tree relocations. We also offer tree stump removals and stump grinding. Our dedicated team of highly experienced tree care professionals work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for all tree and stump removals for you and your garden.

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When carrying out any tree or stump removal job we first take the time to assess factors such as safety, tree health and your long term landscaping plans before taking any action. If a tree can be saved or a better solution provided that suits everyone involved we’ll suggest it.

As your tree work and garden care are our main priority, we not only guarantee that no other trees are damaged in the tree and stump removal process but also that both the tree and stump are completely removed.

As you may well know, an incomplete tree and stump removal is not only a tripping hazard but also likely to attract termites and pests to your garden – both best avoided by using our qualified arborist services at Len McKeown Tree Services.

Contact Len McKeown Tree Services with any enquiries about our Tree and Stump Removal and Tree Care Services. We’ll do our best for you and your garden.

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Do you have an unsightly tree stump sitting in the middle of your garden? Is your tree pest-infested? If your answers to all these questions are yes, then you are in immediate need of a tree and stump removal service provider. Len McKeown Tree Services offer professional removal services wherein after a thorough examination of your tree, we remove trees and stumps from your property and prevent the risk of accidents or mishap.

Why is Tree and Stump Removal Important?

While we very well understand the significance of tree preservation, sometimes removing them is the only solution left for your safety and optimum utilization of the property.

Tree removal is a procedure where arborists use specialized tools to remove trees or a portion of them that are either unhealthy or growing out of control. If not removed these branches can fall off the tree and cause accidents.

After a tree is removed, in many cases the stump is still left in the ground. The tree stump is not pleasant to look at and is also dangerous. Therefore professional service provider like Len McKeown Tree Services removes the tree stump, thus giving you backspace and opportunity to use the area.

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Advantages of Len McKewon Tree and Stump Removal Melbourne
Prevent Accidents

When a tree with weak branches is not removed, the chances of accident rises which can be very risky especially for pets and children. The same goes for the tree stump. There are a great risk and a major trip hazard. With professional help from Len McKeown Tree Services, you can easily get trees and stump removed hassle-free and ensure safety.

Stop Sprouting of Stump

Once you have paid for the removal of a tree, you would not want to see that tree grow back in that same place. Stump removal ensures that the tress does not sprouts back thus saving your money for removal of the same tree twice.

Protects from Insects and Pests

Tree stumps usually houses several pests and insects which can be very dangerous and cause major health issues. These pests also find their way to healthy trees and infect them. Availing Tree and Stump Removal services removes the chances of these pests to multiply and protects you from several diseases.

Aesthetic Beauty

An otherwise well maintained and neat and tidy yard looks shabby and neglected with tree stumps in it. Removing them instantly improves the overall look of your property and enhances its visual appeal. In addition to this, with the tree stump gone, you can make proper utilization of the space by using other design elements.

Easy for Garden Maintenace

If you love to maintain a beautiful garden then removal of infected tree and stump is the solution for you. These stumps prevent you from mowing the grass or maintaining the overall beauty of the garden.

While healthy trees need to be preserved and protected, infected trees and stumps are of no use and can cause more damage than good. Hire Len McKeown Tree Services and enjoy a clean and beautiful yard.

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