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When it comes to home and commercial landscape, Palm Tree is a popularly used species of plant. No tropical look is complete without a palm tree in the background. Their uniformity, bold, symmetrical leaves, diverse growth style and availability of varied size and structure make them popular for gardens. From residential properties to commercial, palm trees are grown everywhere. While the tree adds a stunning look to the whole ambience, it also needs proper trimming from time to time. If not maintained for a certain period, unhealthy and dead fronds will start hanging from the tree which will look shabby and unattractive.

The best solution to a situation like this would be to hire a professional plant trimming service provider. At Len McKeown Tree Services, we offer Palm Tree trimming services wherein our professionals after examining the condition of the tree will remove diseased, dry and wilted fronds.

Reason For Palm Tree Trimming

Like every tree, the fronds of a Palm tree also dry and wither after some time. A new frond grows only after the old one dies. Therefore regular maintenance ensures good health of your tree and more growth. It is also important to note that too much trimming can lead to loss of healthy fronds which causes slow growth and makes your tree susceptible to diseases and pests.

How Regularly Should You Get Palm Tree Trimming

A number of people trim palm tree frequently with the belief that it will accentuate the growth rate, which is not true. A palm tree only needs trimming when its existing leaves have turned completely brown or you need the removal of its fruits and flowers. Therefore, you need to trim a palm tree not more than twice a year.  At Len McKeown Tree Services maintaining the health of a tree is our priority. Therefore, we provide trimming services to only those trees that indeed need one.

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Significance of Palm Tree Trimming
Looks Beautiful:

 A well-trimmed nicely maintained Palm tree looks neat and attractive as compared to ones with dry fronds hanging from it. Trimmed palm tree looks wonderful on all kind of properties where you intend to have customized landscaping.

For Safety Measure: 

While palm trees do not grow long branches their fronds grow in all direction. If not maintained, the leaves might get in contact with a live wire, which can lead to a big disaster. There is also the possibility of dead fronds falling and causing damage.

For Cleanliness:

Palm tree trimming is not just restricted to maintaining its fronds but also fruit stalks and palm flower. Removal of these items allows the growth of new fronds. The fruits of a palm tree can serve as foods for pests which will not only infect the tree but the dropping of the fruits will also cause a mess and even stain concrete surfaces.

Palm trees are available in various sizes, therefore availing professional help can be beneficial in several ways. They have the right tool to get rid of the dried leaves, fruits and flowers. Get a quote and get a hassle-free palm tree trimming service for your palm trees today!

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