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Be it a heritage site, commercial ground, office or any other development site, trees look great everywhere. While everyone enjoys the greenery and their widespread canopy, it is of utmost importance to get regular health check of these trees for security measures. A pest infested or weak rooted tree can cause major accidents. During a storm, branches may break off trees and fall on people and animals. To avoid this, tree assessment is essential. If you are looking for such professionals, Len McKeown Tree Services is the right place for you. Here, our certified arborists can take a close look at the trees and get back to you with a detailed report. Based on it, these professionals will decide whether to chop a certain portion of the tree or to uproot the whole tree.

What is an Arborist Report?

Arborist report contains documentation of the condition of a tree given by qualified and professional arborists. They provide information on damage and area of concern, disease or pest threat, chances of injury and overall health of the tree. Arborist report contains permission on whether to have a particular tree on a certain site. It also contains recommendation action which includes pest control, treatment of root issues, site recommendation, removal and pruning if needed.  

Arborist report helps you understand the condition of a tree, the cause of the problem and the action that you need to take to alleviate it.

Do I Need an Arborist Report?

Preservation of tree is important for the benefit of the environment. Many times, to build a house, office or a monument, people have chopped off trees growing in that particular area. To prevent this from happening, the City Forester department has come up with a solution where you require to obtain an arborist report before you plan to remove a tree from a particular site. Based on the report you can remove a tree or proceed with a design that will accommodate both the building and the tree. These reports are mainly for the conservation of endangered and rare trees.

Following are the types of reports that arborists make for you:

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 Management Plan for Trees: 

These plans are prepared for areas with a large number of a mature tree in sites such as school, golf course and commercial properties. The management plan for trees helps to identify trees that are hazardous and provides the owner with the right strategy to retain such trees appropriately. While some are eliminated, come are retained with the help of arborists.

Assessment of Tree: 

The assessment of tree is applied to a small number of trees as compared to Tree Management plan. Depending upon the species, health, and structure of the tree, it is determined whether a particular tree pose any hazard or is safe.

At Len McKeown Tree Services we understand that every tree needs to be saved. But without proper management, certain trees can cause major damage to livestock and property. Therefore with the help of our arborist, we make sure that you have detailed information on the condition the trees in your property.

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